Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simon Wilby is The Smart Inventor

Simon Wilby was born to invent. From an early age in his Cinderford, Gloucester, England home his curiosity of how things worked and how to improve them became his passion.

Relocating to Calgary Canada his focus became modern technology. His goal was how to make the world an easier place to live and more environmentally friendly.

 In 2006 Simon was the first person to invent and market a solar powered battery case for cell phones, “The Smart Solar Battery Charger.” Always in love with the tropics Simon took his creative mind to Barbados. There he created a solar powered street light system that is now in the process of being approved for purchase by the governments of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands.

Now living in the U.S. Simon is about to launch “The Invention That Will Change Worldwide Communications Forever.” Imagine downloading a free app and calling anywhere in the world. Your voice is translated to the language of the person you’re calling as you speak.  The reply is translated back in you, 53 languages to choose from. “Smart Translations” will also be available in text and video. The need for live translators will become a thing of the past worldwide.

 Simon’s latest inventions in telecommunications, perpetual motion, and kinetic energy will be released over the coming months.

Get Ready!! You will being hearing a lot about Simon Wilby  “ The Smart Inventor.”