Friday, July 25, 2014

Smart Translations is the Next Gen Star Trek Communicator You Need

If your Company is one of the many around the world that works with customers and clients around the globe, then chances are you have found communication to be a stumbling block of epic proportions at times. The language barrier is a constant headache for each and every industry in a worldwide economy where globalization of business is necessary to obtaining a viable business that remains in a constant state of growth.

Simon Wilby, CEO and founder of Smart Translations LLC, explains: “Our underlying goal is to offer the world a platform from which all people regardless of their diverse language origins can connect with other people and network on an international level without barriers that occur when crossing over borders. 

The application, is similar to instant messaging chat apps and functions much like any other messenger, however allows users to type in their own language, and the recipients to receive messages translated in the language or dialect of their choice. Users have a choice of 53 different languages available to them for translating.

In addition, Smart Translations is also launching an update to include a video conferencing function in addition to the 53 language text translations, meaning that members can at that time use their account for a broader translating range of networking and connection options. With these two functions, Smart Translations is aiming to help common people and businesses continue to expand, and find new never before realized opportunities for communications worldwide.
This sudden capability to communicate in an array of different languages has the potential to make a huge impact on the way the world does many things including they way we do business. And, with the development of further technologies, which will allow video conferencing calls to also be audibly translated in real-time, the world looks like it will continue to get smaller as technological innovations advance through our technology.

It may sound unbelievable given the ability of many online translations tools commonly available, but the technology of translations has improved immeasurably in the past 5 years, and a new productivity application called Smart Translations is using the most cutting edge mechanisms to maximize efficiency and accuracy of translating real time text video and voice conversations of users in real-time through the use of the application.

The Smart Translations App results from years of work by our developers, years of work by our researchers, and now is being developed jointly by The Smart Translations Team. It’s demo shows real-time audio translation from English to Spanish and vice-versa, combining The Smart Translations Application with voice and instant messenger technologies, and neural network-based speech recognition.  The Smart Translations App is a great example of why Simon Wilby invests in translations related research. We’ve invested in speech recognition, automatic translation and machine learning technologies for years, and now they’re emerging as important components in this more personal computing era.

The potential here in this sector of technology is every bit as exciting as the many Star Trek examples.  Smart Translations opens up so many possibilities to make meaningful connections in ways you never could before in education, diplomacy, and multilingual families and in business.

In the meantime, the translator chat application may go a long way to for those businesses who you’ve been dealing with when it comes to trading worldwide. Or if you’ve been thinking about expanding business overseas, but were worried that communication would be a costly and time consuming problem, then new technology such as Smart Translations will soon be the solution to your problem.

The Smart Translations Application itself will be available across a number of devices and computing platforms. If you aren’t already using The Smart Translations Application for voice and video calls, I encourage you to download The Smart Translations Application and start translating your every message today.

Of course, The Smart Translations Application in the classroom has already been helping to break down the barriers of expensive travel costs and connect classes from around the globe, enabling them to collaborate together, and the Smart Translations App could enhance classrooms by facilitating students to communicate more fluidly and naturally with students from any country, for the intermediate or advanced foreign languages courses at school, college or university. Imagine teachers and lecturers designing homework assignments around The Smart Translations Application technology. For example, say we were in a Spanish class; the teacher or lecturer could set students assignments focused around gathering information from a partnered German or Italian student. Practicing their aural skills using The Smart Translations Applications technology, which is fun may well motivate more students to practice their learning and in the long term, enjoy learning languages even more.

“We as dreamers, often speak about pursuing big, bold dreams, and of how we’re limited only by the power of our imaginations. 

The Smart Translations App is one of those endeavors that breaks limits, our journey to break down another barrier of human productivity and multilingual connections has been finally realized.” Simon Wilby 2014

It is my personal belief that the impact the Smart Translations App will have in education is phenomenal. The rich translation features will certainly aid students with their studies by enabling them to chat with students from around the globe with ease. For those students who are pursuing multilingual education, they will soon be able to practice in real-time with students from overseas, which makes learning a language a more level playing field, enabling those that cannot afford to do exchanges to nonetheless learn from each other and build friendships around the world. This is an unprecedented opportunity for students to become foreign exchange students without even leaving their Country of origins.

Being able to communicate in foreign languages is not merely an asset which could broaden students' future opportunities in business, but is the doorway for students to open their minds and explore diverse cultures, pick up on those quirky nuances and most importantly, communicate and learn from people.  The Smart Translations App is a vehicle that could will certainly bridge the many cultural differences abroad and empower students to collaborate with others from around the world instantly.