Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Future’s looking bright and solar powered for Simon Wilby

For inventor Simon Wilby, what began as a simple need to keep his cellular phone constantly charged has grown into a love affair with solar power. His invention, The Smart One, is revolutionizing how people use solar power in their daily lives.

The Smart One is an aftermarket product for cellular phone that installs in 30 seconds using a kit and effectively converts your phone so it charges from any available light source. The technology behind it is so simple yet so efficient that it actually outperforms conventional cell phone batteries by delivering 300% more talk time.

Simon Wilby envisions other applications of this technology being used to power laptops, gaming consoles and much, much, more. This is no scam! In fact, conventional chargers might just become obsolete. It won’t be long now before Simon Wilby perfects a system for converting street lamps to lean, green, solar powered machines, saving national economies millions of dollars.