Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simon Wilby Always Positive Never Negative

For British born Canadian inventor, Simon Wilby, inventing is a way of solving life’s practical problems. His latest invention, aptly named The Smart One is his answer to the persistent problem of not having a cellular phone charger when you need it most, which clearly shows how he stays positive no matter the circumstance.

The Smart One installs quickly to existing cellular phones, without the usual obstructions and clunky design issues associated with solar powered devices of yesteryears. It boosts talk time on a single full charge by as much as 300%.

Simon Wilby says the secret behind The Smart One lies in using revolutionary plastic cells instead of traditional silicon cells. This allows full circuitry and improves battery performance. It won’t be long now before you find the same technology applied to your other portable gadgets, paving the way for a charger free tomorrow.

He has certainly come a long way since inventing a two-way voice collar in 1991 for helping pet owners stay in touch with their beloved pets. So how can a positive be possible since inventing is a Rewarding Experience for Simon Wilby.