Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simon Wilby Poised to Revolutionize Mobile Communications

The UK born  Simon Wilby and his invention called The Smart One are set to change the way we think about mobile communications.

The real deal with the Scam is that there really is no scam at all.

The Smart One is a device which discreetly attaches to any cellular phone and makes it solar powered. While converting a gadget to solar power is not remarkable in itself, Simon Wilby's device managed to outperform standard mobile phone batteries with The Smart One.

To illustrate, while most fully charged cellular phones give about four hours of uninterrupted talk time, using the same phone with The Smart One allows twelve hours on a full charge.

The wait is finally over, no more waiting while your phone charges. No more carrying a charger around. No more shopping for an adapter when you’re on vacation and your charger won’t fit the wall socket. If there’s light, you’ll have all the power you’ll need for your cellular phone. 

The Smart Power Incorporated, is based in Barbados, where the sun shines pretty much all the time. That makes solar a great business to be in.