Monday, March 16, 2009

Simon Wilby Creative and Positive Reviews and in Depth Story

Want to know the real story behind the man named Simon Wilby?

This is the real story. The UK born inventor, Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor has found a way to keep mobile phones charged even when you’re nowhere near a wall socket. The Smart One is a breakthrough technological innovation that charges your phone using solar power. The Smart Inventor came up with the brilliant idea after his own mobile phone's battery kept dying when he needed it most.

The Smart One uses revolutionary plastic cells that gives boosts your cell phone’s talk time by 300% and charges much more efficiently than conventional mobile phone batteries. Inventor Simon Wilby claims The Smart One can be retrofitted for any existing mobile phone on the market in under a minute. Plans are already underway to adapt the technology for other gadgets and gizmos, says Wilby. That’s great news for campers and sun lovers the world over. Launched in sun drenched Barbados in late 2008, The Smart One makes bringing a bulky, conventional charger a thing of the past.

The future is definitely looking bright and shiny for Simon Wilby and The Smart One.