Saturday, March 14, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

When Simon Wilby wanted to stay in touch with his beloved dogs while at work, he invented a two way collar transceiver back in 1991. When Simon Wilby got frustrated that his cellular phone’s battery kept dying on him inconveniently, he invented The Smart One.

The Smart One is designed for the cellular phone aftermarket and effectively converts any cellular phone to solar power. It’s so effective at converting light energy into an electrical charge that it will work quite well with whatever light source happens to be around. Simon Wilby designed it using the latest solar cell technology available which uses plastic instead of conventional silicon.
Recognizing the enormous potential of this technology, Simon Wilby sees practical applications that could cut down our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. Simon Wilby is already looking into making solar powered street lamps. That’s great because the environment certainly needs all the help it can get.