Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Solar Powered World Courtesy of Simon Wilby

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you weren’t anywhere near a socket and needed to use one so badly to charge your laptop, cell phone, digital camera and the likes? Fear not for those days could well be over before you know it. The Canadian inventor Simon Wilby has established a means for keeping portable devices particularly cell phones with his breakthrough technology known as “The Smart One” with the application of solar power energy.

The idea originated when Simon Wilby had issues with his own mobile phone dying in mid-conversations with important people while on-call. He decided not to put up with it anymore and came up with the brilliant idea of using the environmentally friendly solar energy.

This technology known as “The Smart One” makes use of ground-breaking plastic cells that provides a cell phone with increasing talk-time by 300%. Simon Wilby created this device to enable chargers to charge more effectively compared to the typical hand phone batteries.

The creator of “The Smart One”, Simon Wilby declares that it can be retrofitted to every type of mobile phone being sold in the market today, in just under a minute.
Currently, there are discussions in progress to accommodate the technology for other gizmos and gadgets according to Simon Wilby. This is definitely exciting news for sun lovers all over the world as “The Smart One” was introduced late 2008 at the Barbados.

This new technology formulates the end of unsightly wires and bulky conventional chargers. Simon Wilby and “The Smart One” is the beginning of a beautiful solar powered world.