Monday, May 4, 2009

Simon Wilby’s Launch of “The Smart One” Sets Standard in Barbados

The Smart One” device was created by the UK born inventor Simon Wilby under his Company. He selected the platform of his project to be in Barbados. The nation was the first to bear witness to the introduction of Simon Wilby’s innovative product.

The Smart Inventor frequented the country of Barbados in earlier times. He had this notion that the weather and climate of the island made it quite perfect to instigate the launch of his invention; this was the solar-powered cell phone charger.

It was “The Smart Power” the Company CEO Simon Wilby that produced and designed the “The Smart One” device. The support of “The Smart Power Incorporated” enabled him to formally and publicly launch his product during the previous year at the sun-lit land of Barbados. His vision was to ultimately introduce his invention, “The Smart One” internationally.

With the success of Simon Wilby’s “The Smart One”, the company “The Smart Power” is in full-activity when it comes to talks with leading telecommunication firms and businesses in Barbados. The company desires to introduce the benefits of the “The Smart One” and enhance its credibility as well as garnering exposure.

The “The Smart One” is a great device to market because it is designed to be economically and environmentally sustainable; an important factor to consider if one takes into consideration the importance of energy conservation.