Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cost Saving and Going Green is the Way to go for Simon Wilby

Simon Wilby, the inventor of “The Smart One” device, shows the possibility of making major changes especially when it pertains to the decrease of one’s electric bill as well as doing away with the national power grid.

This delightful device is a mechanical tool that fastens itself to one’s mobile phone. “The Smart One” charges the cell-phone with the use of solar power. Simon Wilby states that even an ambient light will do.

In his own words, Simon Wilby explains that this “The Smart One” technology allows a person to let his or her handy phone be charged as long as there is light exposure in the process. The development of this great discovery allowed him to save greatly on electricity. The success of his invention had led him to not charge his own mobile phone in the conventional way; meaning he had not plugged his cell-phone charger on the outlet of his wall. He started this practice since 2008 of March.

This is just the beginning; handy phones are just the first samples to benefit from this “The Smart One” technology. This device is easy to manipulate and apply to different types of mechanical or electronic contrivances that humans utilize everyday.

It has always been Simon Wilby’s conviction that technology, without a doubt, can be modified with regards to a number of mobile items. Some examples would be laptops and portable gaming consoles. The thought that it might potentially be applied to power street lights is a function that is being considered.

Simon Wilby’s ingenious mind benefits society in such a large count that it encourages great support from the government sector and individuals.