Friday, October 9, 2009

The Beginning of Simon Wilby’s The Smart One

Simon Wilby is the creator of The Smart One which promotes and makes use of solar power energy. This invention of his is both practical and beneficial to consumers. The inspiration for this device came about when Simon Wilby had the unfortunate experience of being cut-off in the middle of his conversation while talking on his mobile phone. This was caused by the battery of his cell phone dying out. He came up with a solution by developing a solar-powered energy device.

Simon Wilby’s The Smart One makes use of an extremely efficient solar panel together with a Lithium exon battery which makes sure that there will be no need to charge a cell phone using the conventional way - which is by plugging the charger in a socket. He predicts that consumers will anticipate related gadgets such as game consoles, music players, laptops, etc. to make use of The Smart One in the near future.

One of Simon Wilby’s plans includes supplying secluded spots with street lamps that will use solar power energy in order to be more environmentally friendly. This is one way for him to shed a light to the world by unleashing the power of solar energy that would create a society that is more eco-conscious and convenient.