Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simon Wilby: The Smart One Behind “The Smart One”

A U.K.-born Canadian inventor and entrepreneur named Simon Wilby aspires to develop technological tools which make life easier for people and which are also environmentally-friendly at the same time. Such is also the philosophy behind the company he established, The Smart Power, Inc., which he launched to offer consumer products that promise to save people on money and save the environment on energy.

Simon Wilby is specifically interested in making the usage of solar energy practical and cost-effective. For instance, the flagship product currently being offered by Simon Wilby’s company, The Smart Power, Inc., called “The Smart One,” is a lithium battery designed for cell phones which has the advantage of using not only solar light, but practically any source of light, at all. The Smart One uses built-in solar panels in the battery cover that comes with the battery. Power is created when the battery cover comes into contact with the battery.

Another product being offered by Simon Wilby through his company is “The Smart Juice.” The Smart Juice operates on the same principles as The Smart One, except they are specifically made for laptops. These two products and many more are meant to ease people’s lives based on “clean technology.”