Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Simon Wilby Offers Uninterrupted Phone Conversations with “The Smart One”

A solar-powered lithium battery specially designed for cell phones – possibly the most widely used telecommunications tool today -- was invented by Simon Wilby, CEO of The Smart Inventor. Has the potential to make wall socket cell phone charger obsolete, this battery is aptly called “The Smart One.”

Endlessly aggravated by his cell phone battery dying on him in the middle of important conversations, Simon Wilby came upon the idea of a solar-powered battery, which can outlast wall socket chargers by a million miles. His first step toward this direction was harnessing the limitless power of the sun. An idea for an appropriate design, which would fit his cell phone and the billions of cell phones that are already in use around the world, was the next thing he thought of. A battery cover, which would be thin, light and unobtrusive and yet has the capacity to contain the solar panels, which would power the cell phone, was the main thing he needed to consider. And so Simon Wilby came up with the idea of a 20-second retrofit kit to guide consumers who have difficulty following technical instructions.

In February this year, Simon Wilby launched The Smart One. An uninterrupted phone conversation on a silver platter is what he offers the world of cell phone users with The Smart One.