Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simon Wilby Switches to Smart Power

Simon Wilby was able to enhance the future of the mobile phone industry with a device he appropriately named: “The Smart One” This product re-establishes the telecommunication market by creating a “need” and incorporating a solution that is at best - realistic, cost-effective and nature friendly.

With Simon Wilby’s unfortunate experience with his cell phone dying in mid-sentence while in a conversation – it’s a fate experience by most mobile phone users. It was then that Simon Wilby discovered a smart solution to a basic problem. With his device installed, “The Smart One” can facilitate all types of cellular phones to charge immediately by using energy from the sun or from any source that supplies a form of light. This means anyone can practically charge their hand phone wherever they may be. Categorically, this is an excellent way sell a product – by selling an important doable function.

“The Smart One” was designed by Simon Wilby, in such a way that people could simply retrofit the product to their hand phones by using a kit that takes less than a minute to integrate. It’s no rocket-science and there is certainly no need for any manuals here. With such simple instructions, a person is good to go once he inputs the “The Smart One” in his mobile phone.

The product is manufactured in China which means supplies are plentifully – at least 20,000 retrofit kits compatible to all mobile phones being sold in the market after just a month of its release. Simon Wilby guarantees customers that production process of his device is so finely tuned that everyone who wishes to purchase this device will have a chance to in the coming months.